Pop-Up Shop becoming a thing!

Pop-Up Shop becoming a thing!

The story of how The Event Room came to be has many reasons. One was affordable event space, another was helping the property owners gain income and value from their empty store space but the other and the one I want to focus on here today is helping small businesses.

You may have noticed that all over big box stores are closing. Its kind of scary really, Herbergers, Toys R Us, Payless Shoes, Gymboree and the list continues. Now my understanding is people haven’t stopped shopping, I mean Amazon is definitely a competitor, I love shopping Amazon but often I want to shop and just browse. My husband and I call it “junk shopping”, the stuff is not junk but we love browsing the shops in tourist towns and Northern Minnesota. So back to The Event Room, why not work with local small businesses and create a space that has the same feel?

We have invited local business, direct sales, artists, crafters (although they are often so much more, its such an outdated word) to participate in a weekly pop up shop. Well, I must say we are the right track as I am noticing a trend among big business offering the same.


What do you think of pop-up shops? Do you have a desire to shop locally?


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